Community Philanthropry Alliance Secretariat—Request for concept notes

The Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy is requesting concept notes from organisations to serve as a Secretariat for a five‐year, multi‐stakeholder collaborative. Envisioned responsibilities and qualifications are listed in the PDF linked below. Concept notes must be submitted by 5th June 2013.

In 2010 and 2011, the Aga Khan Foundation USA and C.S. Mott Foundation arranged several global convenings to discuss the current practices of Community Philanthropy in Africa and Asia, resulting in the report, The Value of Community Philanthropy, authored by Barry Knight. In 2012 and 2013, AKF and Mott have been joined by additional donor partners, including the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) and USAID, to form a multi‐donor and multi‐stakeholder alliance to study and support Community Philanthropy.

The Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy is a developing collaborative that aims to influence international development actors to better understand and promote the role of community philanthropy in the sustainability and vibrancy of civil society and in achieving more lasting development outcomes. The Alliance will learn from both ongoing and pilot projects that build assets, trust, and/or the capacity of local community philanthropic organisations around the world.

The Alliance will support research and implementation of activities that enable and sustain civil society institutions and support better development outcomes through different approaches towards Community Philanthropy, with a focus on building the assets, capacity, and trust of communities and civil society. Research and programming will therefore support four primary goals:

  • Greater sustainability of civil society through control of assets by local people;
  • Greater ability of local actors to engage in decision‐making processes;
  • Enhanced community‐level civil society organisational and leadership capacity;
  • Greater accountability within communities and civil society in order to establish trust

The Alliance has recently released a Request for Concept Notes from organisations around the world who are interested in serving as a coordinating secretariat. Concept notes should be submitted by 5th June 2013.

More detailed roles and responsibilities for the Secretariat, and submission details are available here: CP Alliance Secretariat: Request for concept notes »

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