Global Philanthropy Forum launches new affiliate in Africa


From “African Philanthropy Forum Launched to Promote Inclusive Development on the Continent” (The Wall Street Journal):

The Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF) announced today the formation of its most recent regional affiliate, the African Philanthropy Forum (APF). Like the GPF, the APF will take the form of a peer-learning network of philanthropists—grant-makers and social investors—committed to advancing equity and opportunity in the developing world. APF members in particular will work to contribute to the expansion of strategic philanthropy by Africans in Africa, while taking part in the GPF’s global community.

“Twenty-seven out of 30 of Africa’s largest economies are experiencing extraordinary economic growth. This represents an enormous opportunity to advance the social good,” said Jane Wales, president and CEO of Global Philanthropy Forum. “But that growth, while robust, is not always broad-based. And development, while rapid, is not always inclusive. And so poverty persists. These generous African men and women—many at the height of their careers—are determined to change this reality and ensure that the benefits of economic opportunity are more evenly shared.”

The startup phase of the APF will be guided by a core cadre of philanthropists dedicated to the APF’s goals. Among them is Tony O. Elumelu, CON, a leading African entrepreneur and founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, who noted that “Africans are now setting their own development agenda, and the vision behind the African Philanthropy Forum is to create a platform that aligns our collective efforts to transform the continent from within. We are using our own models of philanthropy and our deep understanding of the local context, while leveraging strategic partnerships across the continent. Our efforts are bolstered by the overwhelming support from our international partners, who are committed to assisting our work.” more

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