WINGS webinar » private social investment

Grantmaker and grantseeker, foundation and NGO. These are fairly common and well-established concepts in the philanthropic sector. In countries where legislation is clear and the sector is more developed, organizations roles, and therefore identities, are generally well-defined. However, in countries where there is no clear legislation on private philanthropy, the line between grantmaking and running programs can be blurry.

Adding to the confusion, the way philanthropic organizations work can differ greatly from one country to another. In this webinar we present a case study from Brazil, where GIFE (Grupo de Institutos, Fundações e Empresas) identifies and defines social private investors. AFE (Asociación de Fundaciones Empresariales/Association of Corporate Foundations) from Colombia also provides a view of the sector there.

companion material
AFE: Social Private Investment and the Corporate Foundations’ Challenges
GIFE: The Concept of Social Investor

January 2013. WINGS webinar presented by: Andre Degenszajn, GIFE (Brazil) and Maria Carolina Suarez, AFE (Colombia).

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